Theory of Patterns - Painting

Theory of Patterns, 2015

acrylic on canvas  
96 x 72 x 2 in
244 x 183 x 5 cm

Nancy Kozikowski is an American abstract artist working in painting and tapestry design and is based in New Mexico and Song Zhuang artists village 15 miles from downtown Beijing. In her travels in China she discovered a silk banner with the image of entwined dragons in a 2300 year old Han tomb. She was already familiar with this image as she had previously found it in Bandelier New Mexico as a symbol for Quetzalcoatl, the Mayan godhead. This and other similarities inspired her to continue to explore this universal language spoken through art and patterns across seemingly disconnected civilizations. She continues to explore these patterns through her art and has since gone even deeper experimenting with the idea of similarities of DNA, neural networks and the fabric of life expressed in art. Kozikowski’s work is exhibited in museums across the world and she has exhibited her work from Korea to Turkey to Bejing. Her work is commissioned by Airports, Hotels, Government offices, and private individuals.

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