Large Commissions

Sandia Pots 2009 - Grand Promenade - Sandia Resort and Casino, commission, 2009

Hand Dyed, Hand Woven Wool Tapestry  
96 x 144 in
89 x 140 cm

This is one of Nancy's favorite commissions. It was a project at Sandia Resort and Casino in Albuquerque, which comprised of six - 8 x 12’ weavings for their grand promenade. Naturally, there were specific symbols that needed to be used to convey their heritage. Importantly, there were also symbols and colors that were not in their culture and could not be used. Nancy worked closely with the Governor and members of Sandia Tribal Council, and all of her proposed drawings for the weavings were approved by 100% of the tribe’s council members. It was also a proud moment for Nancy that she was the only non-Native American artist selected for this $1,000,000+ project. The Sandia tribe has a tradition for pottery. The pots depicted are their designs.

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